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Oct – Nov 2014, “Missing Wallet”

Alex Gawronski ICAN evite 2014Alex Gawronski - Missing Wallet 1Alex Gawronski - Missing Wallet 2Alex Gawronski - Missing Wallet 3Alex Gawronski - Missing Wallet 4Alex Gawronski - Missing Wallet 5Alex Gawronski - Missing Wallet 6Alex Gawronski - Missing Wallet 7Alex Gawronski - Missing Wallet 8

images: Alex Gawronski “Missing Wallet”, installation views and details

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October 19, 2014 at 11:58

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October 2014, “Vége”

Jelena Telecki ICAN evite

Jelena Telecki 1Jelena Telecki 2Jelena Telecki 3Jelena Telecki 4Jelena Telecki 5Jelena Telecki 6Jelena Telecki 7Jelena Telecki 8

images: Jelena Telecki “Vége”, installation views and details

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Sep 2014, “No fond return of love”

ICAN Sept 2014

Angela BrennanDavid Capra 1David Capra 2David Capra 3David Capra 4David Capra 5Liang Luscombe 1Liang Luscombe 2Liang Luscombe 3Mitch Cairns 1Mitch Cairns 2Mitch Cairns 3Mitch Cairns 4

images: “No fond return of love”, from top to bottom;

Angela Brennan (detail), David Capra (installation views and details), Liang Luscombe (photos by Emily Taylor), Mitch Cairns


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