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I.C.A.N. Auction 2014

December 2014: ICAN AUCTION


ICAN Auction 2014 evite


The last ever ICAN Auction will take place on SATURDAY DEC 6 at 3.30 PM

After 7 (long) years and over 100 exhibitions, the Institute of Contemporary Art Newtown (ICAN) announces its last auction… EVER!!*

Why an auction if ICAN is closing I hear you say? Smells like extortion!! A getaway plan! A free meal! But… just as all good things come to an end… eventually, so the new also replaces the old.

Thus, as ICAN’s longboat sails slowly but surely the seas of amnesia toward the not-so-distant Valhalla of its ultimate obscurity, so KNULP** the collective brainchild of Alex Gawronski, Shane Haseman and Mitchel Cumming is sleighted to rise phoenix-like in its place (and in the same place). But for KNULP’s un-christened barque to prove seaworthy it requires support.

And for your support we bring you the ICAN Auction 2014!! A spectacular cast of contributors have been gathered together to offer, once again, great art for a great cause; the continuation of astute, independent artist-led curating in Sydney. KNULP also aims to bring you an ambitious quarterly broadsheet of criticism, opinion, page works and assorted marginalia.

* ICAN’s final exhibition opens with a bang on Thursday Dec 11, 6 – 8 pm

 ** Watch this space

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August 21, 2017 at 11:58