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Swallow it, Dog!

May 2010: The Australian Pavilion 2010; SWALLOW IT, DOG! (after Goya)

images: “The Australian Pavilion 2010; ‘Swallow it, Dog!’ (after Goya)” from top to bottom; installation view; Andrew Hurle – ‘Untitled (1000 Nazi Girlfriends)’; Bruce Barber – ‘Alphabet Bomber’; installation view; installation detail with Ogms – ‘The Plans of Ogms’ and Bruce Barber – ‘Alphabet Bomber’ contd. (Female ‘Black Widow’ Bomber)

To coincide with the 2010 Biennale of Sydney, the Institute of Contemporary Art Newtown (I.C.AN.) is proud to present; The Australian Pavilion 2010 – “SWALLOW IT, DOG!” (after Goya)

This exhibition brings together a number of significant international artists. These include the veteran Canada-based practitioner Bruce Barber whose important contribution to global conceptualism was presented in a survey at Artspace in 2008. U.K. born artist Andrew Hurle will show new work conditioned by his recent extended stays in Berlin and the transnational Viennese collective 0_gms will exhibit new video work ruminating on the globally competitive nature of the contemporary art world.

The title of this show is borrowed from a 1799 etching by Francisco Goya, part of his Los caprichos series. A paradigmatic critic of the foibles and pretensions of his day, Goya’s work in this instance depicts a quack doctor ominously wielding an oversized enema syringe he is about to force on a patient/victim; a metaphor for the spiritual ‘cleansing’ carried out by the Inquisition. As expertly applied, externally administered salves-for-soul, the ultimate ‘therapeutic’ effects of biennales remain generally unsure. As a more pointed potential antidote to the monumania of the mass-cultural event, I.C.A.N.’s ‘Swallow it dog!’ might be the most effective treatment.

nb. O_gms is, Steven Guermeur, Esther Kempf, Taiyo Kimura, Berndt Oppl, Diana Machulina, Ivan Moudov, Adrien Tirtiaux, Anna Witt and Kamen Stoyanov. Stoyanov born in Belorussia, will be exhibiting work at Artspace as part of the 2010 Biennale of Sydney.

Written by ICAN

August 24, 2017 at 11:58