Institute of Contemporary Art Newtown


I.C.A.N. Covers

January 2010: ICAN Covers


images: “ICAN Covers” (from top to bottom/ left to right); installation view featuring works by Sandra Vaka Olsen/ Sarah Goffman/ Shane Haseman/ Alex Gawronski (shelf)/ Justin Trendall (floor)/ Kell Doley/ Michelle Hanlin/ Mark Titmarsh/ Ryszard Dabek/ Scott Donovan; Ryszard Dabek and Scott Donovan; Carla Cescon and Joyce Hinterding + David Haines; installation view with works Scott Donovan/ Carla Cescon/ Vicky Browne/ Joyce Hinterding + David Haines; Torben Tilly and Bek Coogan; Sandra Vaka Olsen/ Alex Gawronski;  Shane Haseman/ Sarah Goffman.

Written by ICAN

August 21, 2017 at 11:58