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April 2010: “HOPE”

images: Craig Foster “HOPE” (details and installation views)

Craig Foster is a young artist from Perth. Foster’s interests are frequently focused on expressions of contemporary street culture. However, rather than pursuing the life of a ‘street artist’ or that of an artist like Banksy – brought in from the cold and into the  warm safety of the museum – Foster prefers to imagine the street as a place of unique disjuncture. This is because in the street, asides from ‘street art’, a whole multitude of voices is clamouring for recognition at any one time. The tensions and abrasions that result and which are common to contemporary urban experience are a spring board for this artist. In Foster’s exhibition at I.C.A.N., his first in Sydney, he uses references to street culture – of both intentional and incidental varieties – to suggest the hope offered by a situation predicated on the ultimate inability to comprehend, as a whole, the myriad disparities of life ‘out there’ in the street.


Written by ICAN

August 21, 2017 at 11:58