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July 2009: Incandescent




images: Salvatore Panatteri, “Untitled’ (Incandescent)” installation views + details

“Salvatore Panatteri’s Untitled (Incandescent) works can be understood as a tribute to the earliest form of electric light and also to the related technology of photography. The two technologies are not only paradigmatic of the industrial age in which they were conceived, but both also have influenced our ways of seeing over the past two hundred years… This series is a dynamic distillation of the technologies of a time past, one that could only occur in the present historical conjuncture when the digital era has made chemical photography and the incandescent light system system redundant”.

Extract from ‘On Salvatore Panatteri’s Untitled (Incandescent) series’ By Dr. Helen Macallan



Written by ICAN

August 24, 2017 at 11:58