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March 2008: Headland


installation view


Heil Spirits

Installation audio test


images: “Headland” (installation view)/ works by – Peter Newman, Mark Brown, Into the Void, Michael Morley/ Mark Brown – Fontana Muse 2008/ Jon Hunter – Collapse 2008, Emily Morandini – Maybe You’re Right 2008/ Into the Void – Golf War 2007-2008, Michael Morley – Petraeus 2008/ Minit (Jasmine Guffond and Torben Tilly)  – Harmonium 2008, Torben Tilly – Harmonium (watercolour) / Vicky Browne – Mastermother 2008/ Vicky Browne – Mastermother (detail)/ Heil Spirits – Phantom Wrangler 2008/ Joyce Hinterding – 512k to Blacktown 2008/ David Haines – The Door-soundtrack 2007-2008/ George Pizer – Fillet O’ Fish (3 bonus tracks) 2008/ Headland behind the scenes (initial sound test)

An exhibition of contemporary experimental music and sound art curated by Scott Donovan and Caleb K and featuring artists from Australia, New Zealand and Germany. Participating artists were asked to supply visual work in the form of limited edition ‘cover-art’ that broadly corresponded to their audio compositions. All tracks could be listened to on head phones within the gallery space. The exhibition sought to provide a range of diverse approaches to experimental audio composition at the same time drawing analogies between audio and visual practices.


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August 21, 2017 at 11:58