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March 2009, “Desert Mouth”

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 images: Stuart Bailey, ‘Desert Mouth’ (installation images + video still)

Desert Mouth  is a tongue in cheek look at the culture of forgetfulness. Lost and confused near Palm Springs USA Stuart Bailey wanders in a desolate space that represents social and environmental disengagement.  Searching, perhaps, for more than just his trousers; this is a work using video and sculpture that focuses highs and lows of alternative states and the dubious role of drugs as creative catalysts for critical thought.

The comfort of many individuals in western countries depends on a kind of willed ignorance and convenient forgetfulness. This allows an acceptance of, and indifference to, ongoing militarism, human rights abuses and environmental decline. While this type of forgetting seems to be on the subconscious level it can also be seen as a deliberate and willful defense mechanism.”

David Broker 2008


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March 2, 2009 at 11:58

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