Institute of Contemporary Art Newtown


October 2008, “Ceramica”

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images: Top to Bottom/Left to right – Paul Saint – ‘Villeroy & Boch’ 2008/ Carla Cescon – ‘The Lost Girls; P.H.R.’ 2006/ Lisa Kelly – ‘The___Hall’ 2008/ Sarah Goffman – ‘Arthur Boyd Treasure’ (found object) 2008, Untitled 2008/ Miya Koh + Mi Yoon – ‘Ceramic Under Bead’, ‘Ceramic By Bead’, ‘Ceramic Above Bead’ 2008/ Clare Milledge – ‘Last Day of God’ 2008/ Koji Ryui – ‘The Miracle Workshop’ 2008/ Mikala Dwyer – ‘1-2, 1-2’ 1996/ Hany Armanious – ‘Ceramica’ (courtesy of Roslyn Oxley gallery) 2008/ Geoff Kleem – ‘Untitled’ 2008/ The Joy of Installing


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October 4, 2008 at 11:58

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