Institute of Contemporary Art Newtown


February-March 2008, “The Lively Plane”

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1.The Lively Plane
Lisa Kelly_Dennis Tan
Dennis Tan 1
Dennis Tan 2
Lisa Kelly 1
Lisa Kelly 3


images: Lisa Kelly – No Street Tree, 2007 + Dennis Tan – Private Space on Constructed Space on Institutional Space, 2007/ Dennis Tan – Lean On, 2007/ Dennis Tan – V Prop (documentation), 2007/ Lisa Kelly – Ashtray; Planter, 2007/ Lisa Kelly – Tree Prop (triangle), 2007

In 2007 Lisa Kelly undertook an Asialink residency in Singapore and met artist Dennis Tan ~ founder and housekeeper of the independent artist space The Other House in Little India. There they grew the makings of a cooperative dialogue grounded in a mutuality of interests and attitude around practice, hosting, talking, walking and urban observation. The joint project ‘1.The Lively Plane’ at the Institute for Contemporary Art, Newtown sees a city swap and cultivation of this dialogue via Tan’s one month visit to Sydney. The exhibition roams around the artists’ material thinking on the constructed environment, relations, building, propping, sculpture, drawing, streetscape and locality.


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February 27, 2008 at 11:58

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